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We believe that our future depends on the commitment we make to environmental conservation, making every effort to ensure sustainable, environmentally friendly practices down to the smallest detail. Our purpose is to protect our home, the earth, through immersive spaces that deepen our awareness. We seek to educate and inspire, while providing high quality services with respect for both the environment and local communities.

Driven by a high sense of responsibility towards sustainable development, see below the foundation on which we base all our design, construction and operational decisions.

At our hotels, our construction methodology minimizes our environmental impact and allows us to build in an efficient way without compromising design integrity and guest experience.

Energy conservation is of the utmost importance in all the bohemians concept hotels. Each property monitors its energy consumption and uses LED lighting and energy-saving devices AAA, as well as one-switch system to turn off the lights.

Recognizing the importance of water for both human life and nature, we implement water saving measures. In order to save water and avoid unnecessary wastage, bed linen and towels are changed upon guest request ensuring that cleaning procedures are in line with the hotel's sustainable character.

Recycling is always a focus in all departments, and our staff are trained in how to separate waste and recycle. Newspapers are only available on request.
We have created sustainable menus while maintaining the authentic Greek flavours, while vegan menus are available in all restaurants. The kitchen staff is fully trained concerning food waste prevention and food waste management. Proper warehouse and order management aid in reducing the food waste. Finally, in order to ensure the hygiene and quality of the food we provide to our guests, we pass checks to obtain Codex Alimentarius certification.

At the Bohemians Hotels we choose to use certified cleaning products and chemicals with environmentally friendly specifications, both in terms of packaging and composition. In this way we achieve an excellent balance between cleaning efficiency and environmental protection. The ecological disinfection of each room and mattresses are provided by Pure Space TM. Digitizing our guest experience makes your stay more convenient, while also allowing us to reduce our hotel's carbon footprint. Paper receipts, bills, invoices, and other documentation are being replaced by apps, emails and QR codes.

We support the local communities in which we operate, choosing to work with local suppliers both for the construction and renovation of the Bohemians Hotels and for the purchase of products, supporting local economies and promoting Greek local recipes.

Be part of our effort to protect the environment. During your visit please:

- Try to consume energy responsibly
- Keep the temperature of your air conditioning unit at 23°C
- Use water responsibly.
- Let us know in case of water leakage.
- Reuse body, face and beach towels.
- Keep the site clean.
- Reduce the use of plastic as much as possible
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