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A Mykonian escape with a laid-back spirit

Minimal, with clean lines and smooth-edged corners giving out a sense of space and freedom, NOMAD celebrates Cycladic architecture blending in total harmony with the wild beauty of the Mykonian landscape. 

Art in Nomad
ΝOMAD takes luxury living to a new level, creating a carefully curated place in total connection with nature. Natural materials, earthy hues and organic cottons compose the interiors, which are simple and unpretentious, comfortable and relaxed, soothing in every way. Every element is hand picked - from the Aliveri grey marbles, to the wash basins from Tripoli and Tinos, to the handcrafted istone of the pools.
Nomads "together"
..."Gather around the outdoor fireplace for meditation and cocktails mingling with people sharing the same mindset, of mindfulness and well-beeing, a passion for the environment and adventure. Let the magic of Mykonos fuel your senses as you unplug, unwind, and take in the surrounding natural beauty with a yoga session every Sunday 17.00 to 18.00 pm or a massage treatment any time of your preference."
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