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nomad-mykonos Nomad Mykonos Nomad Mykonos

A private bohemian paradise meets authentic Mykonian soul

Welcome to NOMAD’s world

Feet grounded on the earth; mind soaring higher than the treetops. When the path is beautiful, who cares where it leads? Our lives are so busy these days that we crave moments where we can simply be. That’s our gift to you: A nest where all you need to do is to be present…

Πολυτελείς μποέμ σουίτες
A sanctuary, unaffected by the outside world Aiming to make the most out of the sunshine and starry skies, guests can enjoy their private large terraces, laced with every comfort for a nomad living, while enjoying a dip to their private pools or outdoor hot tubs. The suites at NOMAD were designed with more than sleep in mind. Indulge in a private and lavish accommodation experience, and revel in complete tranquility during your stay.
Ζώντας το αυθεντικό Μυκονιάτικο καλοκαίρι
On the Greek island of Mykonos, in one of the most beautiful beaches wetted by the Aegean Sea, lies NOMAD. A brand-new property consisted of 13 unique suites that will bring you closer to the Mykonian way of life. An experience to lose track of time.
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