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Πολιτική Covid 19

It’s in uncertain times that we are reminded of the importance of our shared journey, as a global community. Today, we are more aware than ever of the impact of our actions, on others and the world. The health and well-being of our guests, staff and community are our upmost priority. We are very closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in accordance with local health authorities and guidelines set in place by the World Health Organization (WHO), and implementing strict safety protocols.

Dear Guests, please take the time to read the following necessary measures as those carefully emerge from the “Health First” certified Action Plan of the hotel, according the Greek law.

  • Check in is at 15.00 and check out at 11.00am, as required by the Government Hygiene Protocol. Timing is critically important for the room sterilization and late check-out arrangements will not be available.
  • We remind you to disinfect your hands and luggage before entering the sterilized hotel area.
  • Remember to look for the safety distance signs and keep the required distance from the front desk and the bar.
  • We are at your disposal for every request you might have; Call us from your suite telephone or contact us via the chat box at the hotel mobile application.
  • Prefer contactless payments for your transactions in order to avoid cash payments.
  • You are invited to use Nomad Mobile App, which ensures you have access to all hotel’s services, information & requests.
  • Discover all hotel menus and make your food & drink orders via the Nomad Mobile App.
  • In case you feel sick, you are requested to stay in your suite and inform the Front Desk team.
  • For safety reasons we have limited the access of our team in your room. Front desk team will offer you a short description of your room without entering if not requested.
  • For everything you might need you may call us from your room phone.
  • Prefer contactless payments for your transactions in order to avoid cash payments.
  • In case you feel sick, you are requested to stay in the room and inform the Front Desk team.
  • Your suite has been entirely sterilized by using Purespace & Diversay cleaning material. You will be the only people with access in your room except in case of emergency. Visitors are not allowed in the room by the WHO Protocol.
  • Ensure that your suite doors are closed while you are out, but in deposition (ask our Front Desk team for instructions) while you are inside the suite, in order for the air to be naturally recycled.
  • The room cooling system has been sterilized and certified service is applied.
  • Our Housekeeping & Maintenance team will enter your suite for the daily cleaning service. For the safety of both our team and yours, you are kindly requested to leave the suite by 12pm as 5 hours is the ideal duration for a proper ventilation.
  • Please note that turn down service does not include deep cleaning & linen change.
  • For hygiene reasons, please remember to inform our team that the tray is ready to be collected back, when you order room service.
  • Common areas are being frequently sterilized during the day with Diversey & Kärcher. However, we recommend you to avoid common hotel areas and prefer the facilities of your suite.
  • We kindly ask you to use the suite toilet, instead of the common toilets and to close the seat when you flush.
  • During your presence in the common areas, we ask you to respect the distance signs, keep the distance safety measures between you and the staff and use your mask.
  • Remember to wash and disinfect your hands frequently.
  • Follow the special updated policies of the pool area and the Bar – Restaurant which will be explained to you from the staff.
  • The pool is available from 09.00 am until 7.00 pm, with no more than 10 people inside.
  • We advise you to ask our team for further information regarding the WHO Protocol and the hotel policies any time you feel you may have a question. Our team will ensure that you will keep being updated in case additional measures or modifications emerge.

Thank you for your personal responsibility and for respecting our well-considered measures, helping us to assure a safe environment for our Guests and Staff.

The Hotel Management



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