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A Culinary Journey

Creative and simple at the same time, modern without losing its traditional path. In NOMAD all is fresh and naturally sourced, a celebration of the best mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

We believe that dining should be more than simply satisfying your appetite. It should be an adventure for all the senses – a celebration of fresh, seasonal flavors in an atmosphere of warmth and conviviality. Discover a delicious and nourishing array of authentic Mykonian culinary options for everyone from the foodie seeking the latest epicurean delights to the comfort food lover and the most health-conscious between them.
Food for the soul
We invite you to discover and relax following the Mykonian way as you head to the pool, and choose a handcrafted cocktail from the ‘mixology’ bar. Because your al-fresco moment could use a little heat, gather around the outdoor fireplace with the warm and inviting ambiance, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living while mingling with people sharing the same mindset, of mindfulness and well-beeing.

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